March 31, 2020


These are some of the important tools I use to grow my online business.

Each has a critically important function.

I’m creating some short video tutorials to further explain how and why I use these!



1) System for Content, Landing Pages, and Email Management

    • Simplero is an excellent all-in-one solution that gives you a place to host courses, membership sites, landing pages and more

    • You need an email management system for your online business. Your gmail (or whatever you use) connects through this. You can send out broadcasts, create lists, see advanced analytics 

    • I use WordPress currently for my zaynarose homepage but Simplero can also be used to host a great homepage

    • I love the option to provide fillable worksheets for my clients – a copy is stored in the system – no printing and scanning required and the worksheets can be associated with the lessons in my membership

    • I found Simplero originally by researching alternatives to more expensive and complicated solutions 

    • There’s a free trial. I find this system quite intuitive and easy to use. The customer service is extremely quick to respond and they make little personalized videos to help you accomplish something if you need help

    • The paid plans come with free help to get you set up

More Info – Simplero HomePage



2) Make your videos and podcasts totally searchable and more easily consumed by your audience 🙂

    • I use this because people find there is too much content in the world. They want to watch my videos and listen to my podcasts but they don’t have enough time. Using, they can enter any search term and immediately find the advice/content they want most

    • There’s a free trial with no strings. Searchie was created by my business mentor/client Stu McLaren and his team at North Results. I personally rave about it everywhere because I can’t live without it now!

    • This tool automatically sucks in all of your videos, podcasts etc. For example, all of my Facebook lives, podcasts and more automatically go into the system.

    • Here is Demo 1: My podcasts are all atomically loaded in when I publish them. Try searching my podcast here for any term e.g. “personal brand” and watch what happens 

    • Here is Demo 2: On my main site search “personal brand” again and see what happens. Some of these links you will see are to videos

    • You can embed your videos on other sites so viewers can download the transcripts, audio, play the video at a faster or slower speed etc. I provide this when I do online workshops, meetings with my clients and more

    • I get really excited about this one. Reach out to me if you have questions and I’ll see if I can answer them for you 🙂

Try free


3) Linktree

    • This is the way to get multiple links into your Instagram bio!

    • I use the paid service. It’s approx $8 USD 

Try Linktree


4) Canva

    • I use this to make more professional graphics that are pre-sized for Facebook, Instagram etc. 

    • There are templates you can customize

    • You can even use this for presentation slides

    • I have the paid version. I believe it’s under $200 USD for the year

Try Canva


5) Zoom

    • We all know this one now if we didn’t already

    • I use the free version but will be upgrading to one of the paid versions as I will need to have multiple people in video calls that last more than 40 min.

    • I put my zoom recordings into because it eliminates the need to take notes, send the audio or giant video files

Try Zoom


6) Dropbox

    • I currently use a free version of dropbox to house certain types of files and media that need to also be accessed by colleagues/team members

    • Looks like I’ll be upgrading as I’m freshly out of space at the time of writing this!

Try Dropbox


7) My podcast process/tools are coming soon to this list

  • I may be creating a special podcast beginners webinar for consultants and coaches because so many people have asked. If this interests you as well, let me know!


I’ve been very involved in digital marketing and online business since 2015. I’m now beginning to provide advice for fellow experts/consultants/coaches who are brand new or fairly new to this to compliment the public image development & personal branding services I offer. 

As I mentioned, I will be creating some short tutorials that show more on how I use these tools. For the moment, If you have questions, please don’t be shy. If I have the ability and the time to help you, I will!

The first three links on this page are affiliate links. This means that should you continue past the free trials, I may receive a commission. For years, I have recommended my tools and resources simply to be helpful. I’ve now become an affiliate for a selct few resources I believe are crucial to my online business.