Get Your Style Injection


Great image professionals take a holistic approach and have a worldly point of view. These combined with skill and experience are used to help you advance to your next stage. A fundamental component of one’s brand is personal style which features your look and clothing choices among other things.

Foundation sessions with a certified image consultant can immunize you against regrettable style choices. Relieve yourself from the frustration and confusion caused by your closet! When your closet is well configured it contains only items you love that suit you and fit you.

It can be critical to understand  your current and past style before leaping forward in fashion. To others, what we wear is indicative of our demeanor, our preferences and most importantly our ambitions. Since the all important first impression happens so quickly, it is in our best interest to craft it as best we can.

Strategic direction in style provides you with a prescription that tells you how to proceed. You’ll find out how to avoid practices and tactics that leave you with a look you instinctively know isn’t serving you well. One of the many goals is for you to have everything you need to create an appropriate and interesting outfit at a moment’s notice. When you have an image plan, stress is reduced, communication is enhanced and money is saved!

The aforementioned foundation sessions focus on various forms of style analysis. Some form of investigation on the following is usually done: personal colour palette, body lines & proportions, lifestyle requirements for the professional & personal realms, personality style preferences, communication efficacy, wardrobe edit

Once you are clear on your specifications, it becomes infinitely easier to shop and style yourself on a daily basis. (I do recommend at least a shopping demo to follow your foundation sessions in order to get the practical portion of the lesson to accompany the theory.) If a store is well merchandised you can quickly see if there is anything worth taking into the fitting room because you will be versed on colours, fabrics and styles that suit you. You will also know what you need and will not be forced to rely on the advice of well-meaning sales associates unfamiliar with your specifications, image plan and lifestyle.

Items that work for you will enhance your body lines and harmonize with your personality while they support the advance of your image agenda. You can now rest easy knowing that you are on track and that you have an advisor for support. If you wish, you will feel free to experiment with style and trends because you will have reached a new plateau of confidence and styling skill.  This is where the fun begins!



Style prescription