Smart Casual Travel Modules

Finding a way to stay professional while keeping cool and comfortable can be a challenge.

So many of my clients and contacts travel regularly for work and pleasure and they like to know how to pack as little as possible while having enough for several days. These types of sets can be perfect for casual conferences, trainings, meetings. They of course apply to non-business trips as well.

I created these wardrobe module graphics to share with some people with whom I attended a conference in a warm climate. They are simple versatile samples that can help you pack quickly. I have traveled to many conferences attended by entrepreneurs who dress in casual attire in Arizona and California lately and discovered that people like to keep things relaxed while they network and learn. I’m happy to say that those who used the graphics reported that they saved time and did not experience the usual stress of packing.

Generally, this amount of clothing/accessories would fit in a carry-on sized piece of luggage. The briefcase and tote bags would be your personal carry-on item.

If you choose items that coordinate well with each other, you can mix and match them to create many outfits. Therefore, you’ll have more options than you require and can make decisions on site to suite changing scenarios, temperatures and your need for comfort. The trick is to select styles, fabrics and patterns that harmonize with each other.

On an image management note, you would also select items that project your strategic messages of choice and ones that suit your personality, body type and personal colouring.

These graphics below depict the smart casual level of dress. Technically, the stylish runners in the men’s module should not be included for strict smart casual but this is a rule I break often for men and women. If the shoe is stylish (and not a gym shoe) it can work for many situations.

Although I’ve referenced warm climates, conference and meeting room as often kept very cool so I’ve included lightweight sweater options.


PLF mens casual poyvore


Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 10.02.22 PM

*It’s best to select 1 pair of wedge sandals for ease of packing into your carry-on suitcase.

* A summer blazer (linen, cotton, seersucker) can be substituted for the neutral sweaters.