July 15, 2013

Public Image Development

Public Image Development & Reputation Management

Your public image is an asset and contributes to the brand equity of your organization or cause. In good times and in times of crisis, how you are perceived is critical to the growth, maintenance (and recovery as the case may be) of your reputation.

Consulting with a Certified Image Professional can provide you with an objective opinion on your situation as well as a strategic plan of action. This service is always customized so to assist you in moving forward with your work and life.

Executives and business leaders, performers, athletes, politicians & philanthropists are candidates for public image management services. You may be in trouble, planning a comeback or in a good position simply wanting to further develop your image.

Zayna can work alongside your management and PR team if applicable. Please get in touch for you complimentary first discussion 1.416.907.8156. As always, confidentially is guaranteed.