August 4, 2016

Profitable Presence Jumpstart Session

Find out exactly where to begin in launching your Profitable Presence for immediate impact.

We’ll identify your next best steps in creating presence that help you to attract clients and opportunities instead of repelling them. You’ll also receive personalized advice you can use immediately!

Avoid wasting time trying to figure it out all alone and avoid wasting money on arbitrary solutions that don’t yield results.

Market yourself to accurately represent your credibility and your true value

Be a leading-edge expert by making sure your inner game matches your outer game!

The investment for the session is $97. Please REGISTER HERE and we’ll respond to ask about your preferences for dates & times.

Please note that this is a specially designed session to boost progress and the fee does not represent an hourly consulting rate.

I have a limited number of these to offer per month and this may not always be available. I’m proud to provide a great deal of value during these sessions so if this is for you, I encourage you to get started now!

~ Zayna