April 24, 2016


Hi fellow PLF Owners!

Let’s get noticed and make the most of our networking opportunities this weekend.

Some of us are familiar with this style of conference. It will be fun and intense in the best way. We will also have the chance to network at every turn. Our best new connections will become our contacts, our JV partners and our friends. There will be hundreds of people, so stand out in the crowd for the right reasons!

Your talent, content and all else you have to offer is most important. Craft your visual image support this. Here are a few quick tips:

1. Tell a story with your wardrobe and your body language. People will come over to approach you, intrigued to know who you are and what you do. Communicate congruent messages. When people find out about your work and your personality, the first impression should continue smoothly.

2. Try to wear colours that flatter your complexion. Colours that flatter you help you to appear at your most healthy and attractive. Your star colours not only look great but help you to feel extra confident and comfortable.

3. Pack low maintenance items. Spend less/no time ironing & more time networking!  We’ll be dressed casually as per Jeff’s suggestion. Casual clothing can certainly still be stylish. It’s all in the way you put the clothing and accessories together.

4. Remember to carry yourself confidently even if you’re feeling tired or overwhelmed by the number people and the possibilities. Relaxed but attentive body language draws people to you. Your body language also affects your state of mind so it can help you to summon a second wind.

5. Keep it simple. Be the focus of the picture, don’t wear items that will distract people from your important message and from getting to know you and connecting properly. If you’ve purchased something new, try it on and test it out. Can you sit in it comfortably for hours? Are the hemlines still okay once you’re seated? Don’t sacrifice your comfort for an exciting new outfit. We’re in for some long and brilliant days.


If you tend to overpack, use one of these templates below for inspiration. Don’t forget to save room for business cards, our PLF workbook etc.

I created these PLF wardrobe modules to be casual, comfortable and suitable for the cold conference room. These items give you many outfit choices…much more than you’ll need for the duration of the conference. If you’ll be visiting other cities after PLF (as I will be doing) choose items for your wardrobe module that can also be used for the rest of your travels.

All of the items within the modules mix and match with each other.

The exact styles won’t suit everyone’s personality style of course. Use it to guide you and fill in the slots with some of your favourite pieces. Bring things you love. It will help you to feel like your best self!

PLF mens casual poyvore

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 10.02.22 PM


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For tips specific to speakers who present virtually or live, sign up to my On Stage Style group here. You’ll receive your free 5-Star Outfit Formula to evaluate your top outfits.

I hope to meet you next weekend!

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