July 25, 2015

Personal Programs

Be more influential in your industry
Gain credibility and recognition from peers and colleagues
Increase levels of self-confidence and self-esteem
Strengthen your personal style

Get your messages out to a wider audience & serve more people with your work

Personal Image Architecture ™

Discover how to present yourself and dress in a manner that accurately reflects your personality and lifestyle, and effectively compliments your body type and personal colouring. Maximize your potential by making positive changes, finding an edge, and making more impressions with impact.

Styling for Everyday & Special Events

Personality Style Mapping
Grooming Assessment & Referral
Wardrobe Review & Planning
Colour Palette Considerations
Style by Skype/Zoom virtual sessions

Personal Shopping

Adopt efficient shopping strategies to save time and money. Overcome the frustrations of retail by knowing what to look for and where to shop. Store stops will be planned in advance and a variety of items (in your style and size) will be pre-selected for your consideration.

A pre-trip consultation determines what you have, exactly what looks best on you (optimal items for body type, personal colouring, personality style and lifestyle), and what you want to buy.
Items that correspond with your style, needs and wants can be pre-selected for you when you arrive.

Public Image Development

Are you an entrepreneur, entertainer, athlete, executive, politician, philanthropist, speaker/trainer?
Are you in the public eye? Do you want to be?
We work with you and your management team/agent (if applicable) to help achieve you career goals.

Public Image Management
Strategy and Coaching for Public Speaking
Media Training
Basic to Advanced Image Assessments and Development
Short Term and Long Term Strategic Planning
Performance Coaching for Business & the Arts
Styling for Presentations, Events, Performances, Appearances

Ask about the new On Stage Style ™ program

Communications Coaching

The central goal is to build and maintain rapport with colleagues, peers, and the public. Communicating your messages consistently on the verbal and non-verbal level will help you to achieve this goal.

First Impressions & Rapport Building
Performance Coaching for Presentations and the Stage
Body Language & Movement
Relationship Management
Business & Social Etiquette

Lifestyle Management

Become happier and more efficient by knowing exactly what you want and having a plan to go after it. Part with habits or situations that have you stressed out and frustrated.

Handling Transition & Change
Confidence and Self-esteem Advancement
Time Management
Goal Setting & Action Plans
Home & Office Organization

Virtual Consulting

Personalized plans of action are created during a strategy session. Sessions involve photos, questionnaires, written materials, and conversations by phone and Skype.

Personal Brand Strategy
Professional Image Building
Media Coaching
Style by Skype/Zoom
Grooming Recommendations
Wardrobe Planning
Online Personal Shopping
Interpersonal Communications Coaching
Lifestyle Management

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