Outsource Your Wardrobe

Some years ago on the 2nd of January one of my favorite clients called me and said “I’m outsourcing my wardrobe to you!”. With a fresh start for a new year in mind, she had decided that her time was not best spent on the continual act of updating her visual image.

This client is a stylish and confident woman who always looks professional. She is capable of creating her own outfits of course but finds this to be too time consuming and sometimes frustrating because she (like many of my clients) does not enjoy shopping. The math had been done and decision had been made to have me update the wardrobe for the coming year.

I proposed a plan of action which allowed my client to see the amount of work I would do to set up her wardrobe for the year. We went through the existing wardrobe, created a prioritized list of items needed and worked out the shopping budgets.

The shopping can be done in successfully in any major city (and in some small towns) but we made the decision to hop on a short flight and shop in Manhattan. It can only be described as a shop-a-thon as we spent two amazing days in department stores, common retail stores and boutiques offering rare items.

The new items were integrated into the closet and a wardrobe guide was created to show the many outfit permutations. The result was a beautiful and functional wardrobe containing pieces that would last for a number of years.

My clients come in search of style but also in search of efficiency and outside expertise. Building and maintaining a wardrobe not only involves the obvious clothes and accessories but foundation garments, items for special occasions, wardrobe care and organization etc. When you work with an image professional long term, you have a trusted advisor who stays up to date with your career and personal life so that your communication and image needs are met promptly.

Looking and feeling stylish while projecting a strategically determined image can provide you with that extra shot of confidence, prestige and polish that helps you to build relationships and close deals!