April 26, 2021


Zayna’s Video and Written notes for the Membership Workshop with Stu McLaren:

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You can copy and paste these written notes which indicate of the highlights of each training. I’m here to help and also it’s best to hear it straight from Stu!


Audio intro and lesson 1 summary:

Notes from TRAINING 1 WITH STU: The Membership Movement


Getting clear on your customers – how do you know which market would be good – indicators of great markets

Existing problems people are looking to solve e.g weight loss

What are the ongoing problems you could solve for your people? e.g. relationship help, VAs needed

E.g. How to do _____ more easily/faster

People are looking to develop a skill over time – guitar, painting, mindfulness, business skills

Do you currently have a community on any scale? Small group, personal outreach is very powerful even if you’re at the beginning stage of building a community

Assess the audience you have = email, followers on all socials, podcast, in-person community, who do you serve in any way? Assess the community




Assess the above – what are you currently doing, what were you about to do, what have you done?

You may have assets you don’t realize are amazing assets

Podcast eps, lives, blog articles

Go into the workshop FB community and post your score and see what others are saying if you like

Helpful quote: “There are many things you can do, a few things you should really do”


Front end vs back end memberships

What to do, how to do it, actually doing it and getting the result – the membership helps fill the gap between what to do/how and actually doing it – support them in getting the result – the membership is the bridge

Price points $5-$100 for front end, backend $100 – $1000+

Different membership models:

  1. Publisher
  2. UPS model e.g. subscription box or other package of content, can be a virtual package
  3. Coaching – go from where they are to where they want to be, interactive – 1:1 to this, therefore 1: many, help more people and scale the business and remove the limits
  4. Modular/Drip
  5. Community
  6. Combo model
  7. VIP model
  8. Subscription box – different from UPS
  9. Project of the month

[Stu defines each above during the training]

THE SECRET SEGMENT – This will not be in the replay. I took a few notes below for you to get ideas flowing

I’m thinking I’ll have a Zoom meeting for those who want to come and I’ll review how it works for you. Stu taught the Founding Members Launch (also known as the FML) in this secret segment. It’s about how you can launch your membership with no pre-established audience or with one if you have it. Let me know if you want it 🙂

FML – Secret Segment

  1. Communicate the idea to 100+ people – what the idea is and where it came from, why you’re so excited about it – raw element to this that’s an advantage
  2. The vision – where you see this going, what you see this becoming – how do you see someone’s life being better or different by joining the membership
  3. Invitation – extend big benefits – founding member price locked in at low low rate, you want real world feedback from founding members, don’t have anything created yet,
  4. CTA send me a DM is a favourite CTA
  5. Follow up immediately, give a way to pay – can be as simple as a PayPal checkout link

**How to structure your content is coming up in the next lesson

The Secret Segment – This will not be in the replay. I took a few notes below for you to get ideas flowing

I’m thinking I’ll have a Zoom meeting for those who want to come and I’ll review how it works for you. Stu taught the Founding Members Launch (also known as the FML) in this secret segment. It’s about how you can launch your membership with no pre-established audience or with one if you have it. Let me know if you want it 🙂


Notes from TRAINING 2 WITH STU: The Success Path

WATCH THE REPLAY HERE: https://membershipworkshop.com/video2-series


Why people buy – may not be what you think

The number one tool that drives content and directly helps retention = The Success Path

Why people buy:

  1. They want more from YOU
  2. People want less (information)
  3. People want convenience (also speed)
  4. People want direction

Listen to Episode 171 Marketing Your Business Podcast: https://www.marketingyourbusiness.com/podcast/

Stories of people experiencing success or progress with what it is we teach IS the most powerful thing about this process and the most powerful driver of a successful membership

Just get going helping people to create momentum

#1 tool = Success Path

Circle of Awesomeness graphic – it’s about the progress of your members and the sharing of their stories

The Success Path

How does this apply to my market and my membership?

We’re looking to create a measuring stick of progress – now the value of what you’re providing becomes blindingly obvious

What would your stages look like? 5 stages is a sweet spot but anywhere from 3 to 7 can work. What does stage 1 look like? What does the final stage look like?

Map out your stages

Map out the characteristics of someone at each stage

Map out the milestones – how can you measure?

What are the action items? What do you need them to do to get from where they are to where they want to be? Focus the members’ attention on what they need to do right now – they can say yes I have done that or no I haven’t done that – help them get out of learning mode only and into doing mode

Use the success path in 3 ways

  1. Create contrast – where they are and where they will be as a result of what we’re offering them – naturally creates a gap – in marketing constantly contrasting where they are and where they want to be – compare now vs. Future with a T column
  2. Content – Majority of audience probably centralized in 1 or 2 stages – so focus content in this area at first
  3. Retention – thrive when we keep people happy

People may not realize how far they can go – we ned to hold space for that and them

Secret Segment: How to teach anything

Look for questions in forums, blog posts in the subject matter, asked people to reply to email in the PS – what is your #1 question about _____ hit reply and let me know

Story – what it can be – simply give context and make it relevant

The 5 part framework

  1. Hook
  2. Story
  3. Lesson 3-5 max takeaways
  4. CTA
  5. Summary

“Never tell a story without a point and never make a point without a story” Charlie Tremendous Jones

**Value comes from the speed at which people can implement

Marketing strategy and how to provide great content for your members with minimal time and energy – Thursday!


Notes from TRAINING 3 WITH STU: The Membership Blueprint

Watch the replay here: https://membershipworkshop.com/video3-series

  • Your membership is a work in progress – can always edit according to what’s working best for the members
  • You can begin today
  • Get clear on the type of membership you want to create – product, service, knowledge, community based?
  • Are you solving an ongoing problem? This is a home run indicator and makes for a great membership – weight loss, dog training, relationship improvement
  • Learning a skill is another type of membership – teaching this skill could work very well
  • How can you help create convenience for people? Templates, scripts, lesson plans
  • Don’t overwhelm members with content – it’s the number one reason why they would quit
  • How do we know where people are and where they want to be? Research: Identify their external problem/challenge and

The 2 main types of content: core content and monthly content

  • Core content = overview of success path 7 lessons for 5 stages of success path – lesson 1 is an overview
  • Don’t have them learning more than 60 min per week
  • Provide content in different ways – auto, text, video – give multiple modalities

On-boarding so important!

  • go introduce yourself and answer these 3 question – these questions should create points of connection
  • Staggar content
  • Recognize members
  • Help members connect with each other

Common Roadblocks:

People get held back because they are concerned about the following:

  • Small audience
  • Content treadmill fear – this isn’t ideal to create anyway
  • I’m not an expert
  • Lots of free content out there – how does one compete with YouTube for example?

Ways to structure payment for your membership:



Monthly + annual

Upfront fee and then monthly

One time fee

Fixed term fee

How do you make your price feel like a no-brainer – price contrast

  1. Contrast your price to a price above e.g. $37 vs. $370 but what people get is actually fairly close but price is significantly less – in this scenario, paying way less and pretty much getting the same thing
  2. Price below e.g. $30 vs $37 – big difference in terms of deliverables this time
  3. Contrast with the future value (of the result we are helping people to get) – doesn’t take that many members to have a direct and significant impact on your business



You likely already have the info for this in your emails from Stu but you can register here with my link if you like