June 29, 2017


Hello Lovely Luminary!


I’m offering you this ONE-TIME SPECIAL to participate in the virtual version of On Stage Style: 5 Steps to Star Caliber Presence

In this 6 week program beginning on July 17th, we will create your Customized Core Style – You will leave with your top (head-to-toe) looks for stage, networking and important meetings designed.

We’ll develop a clear personalized system so you can dress intentionally and show up as your best and most attractive self with your light on bright….ready to draw in your ideal clients.

Having Customized Core Style means you’ll know which clothing, hairstyles, makeup and accessories to wear to make the best possible impression on your audiences. You’ll also have a strategy on which to base you style which is a critical part of communication.

  • Project visual messages that are congruent with who you are and what you offer so ideal clients are drawn in and not repelled.
  • The way you see yourself will be transformed – You will be able to express your personality & credibility in a way that’s comfortable for you
  • Leverage your personal image so it’s working for you – Acquire profitable style – It’s the first point of contact when people see you in-person or online and you have a fraction of a second to begin telling people who you are
  • Avoid the perils of relying on random advice from well-meaning friends and sales associates
  • Discover shopping strategies you can use forever to make the right choices and avoid costly mistakes
  • Create a collection of go-to looks you can rely upon to make the right impression
  • Up-level your outer game to go with the upgraded inner game that you’ve been working on!


If you register now or before July 19, you will have access to the material for 12 months.

I’ve designed the most generous possible deal I could come up with for you because I believe it’s an integral piece of what you’re building.

What’s included for $497 USD / $647 CAN:

  • Results in 6 weeks – Be ready to start the Fall season with your new looks – you might use what you have and you might need to shop but you’ll know what you need and how to put the pieces together
  • I will teach you via video/webinar lessons, checklists, worksheets and more
  • 3 private coaching sessions with me during the course to help you make progress – Value $1497
  • Private members Facebook group – Value $297 + Weekly Facebook Live Q&A
  • A deal on course tuition – Savings of $997
  • Have the support of fellow Luminaries from Mesmerize & Monetize – We are growing together and supporting each other in so many areas – Might as well to do this together also!
  • If you decide to work with me privately between July 2017 and May 30, 2018….I will deduct the $497 from your private program tuition
  • If you participate fully in all parts of the training and don’t see value from the personalized systems we create within 1 year, I will work with you personally until you do…Risk elimination = priceless 🙂
  • That’s more than $3000.00 in additional value for your $497.00 + priceless extra support from me!
  • When I launch this program formally this fall, the tuition will be $1497.

Why I’m offering this to you:

  • I get to test my On Stage Style digital systems with good-hearted dedicated people and can ready the course for a preliminary Joint Venture launch
  • I feel good about all of the extra energy, time and tools I will provide   because I already know you and care about you!

If you are ready to get started, please contact me. If I can get 8 people in the course, I will run it! If you have a close friend or family member with whom you would like to share the experience, they are welcome.

If you would like to pre-view the registration page, please follow this link

Note: Select USD where you enter your credit card info


If you would like more information, please email me at [email protected] or contact me on my mobile 1.416.919.5105.

It would be my honour  to work with you.

Much love, Zayna