Love is in the Hair

I borrowed this title from a sign I saw outside of a salon this week because it couldn’t be more fitting for what I want to say with this post.

I’m often asked for general grooming and skin care advice since I help clients with their overall self-presentation. I’m also often specifically asked about hair care because I’ve managed to keep my own hair healthy and vibrant.

Here’s my secret: I do have nice hair but my stylist and friend Greg May helps me to keep my hair in top shape. It’s a combination of flattering styling and use of the products he creates with excellent ingredients. I got a sneak preview of the new product line yesterday and it’s something to look forward to!

We met approximately ten years ago when he was doing my friend’s hair for her wedding. Shortly after, I made his salon the destination for my clients’ hair needs because I was so impressed by his skill, kindness and level of customer service.

Greg takes a truly architectural approach to cutting, shaping and styling hair…he even designs his own scissors. He loves his clients and shows it by taking excellent care of them each time they visit his salon. It’s rare that I’m able to trust someone completely with my clients. In this case I certainly do! I often attend my clients’ first appointments but if I’m unable to attend I know they are literally in good hands.

He spends extra time with guests during their first appointment figuring out what’s best for the their lifestyle, face shape, complexion etc. Balancing your specifications with what you truly want (how you want to look and feel) is the challenge.

From an image perspective, hair is one of the first things people notice about us. Hair, glasses and shoes are critically important and should be current and style and suited to your body and personality. When we take care of our hair and skin as well as our clothing, we project a picture of health and self-confidence.

No matter where you are or who you can access, make sure caring properly for your hair is on your to-do list. As we age is becomes even more important to have good routines and effective products in place. If you’re not in the Toronto area and you don’t have someone, do a bit of research in your area or ask an experienced image consultant in your area for a referral. Find your local Greg!

Greg May Hair Architects:

Photo credit: Blog TO