October 27, 2020


Create Profitable Presence For Your Job Interviews, Personal Brand & Professional Reputation


Welcome, McMaster Students

I’ve just made the decision now (a few hours before our time together in your class) to provide this special 2-hr workshop for you.

Due to this last minute idea, there’s no fancy registration page here although I’ll be adding one later because I’ll be opening this opportunity up to others in the near future.

I’ve personally coached many people in advance of their job interviews. My focus is to help you present yourself as well as possible in terms of your personal communication.

Once of the most important outcomes is the extra confidence and extra clarity in your communication that will likely result.

As an attendee of the guest lecture I’ve just delivered to your class, you’ve got an introduction to my approach and we’ve scratched the surface of what’s possible.

Join me in this workshop if you’d like the chance to get your questions answered and if you’d like to do more to present yourself as credible, approachable, modern, and a leader in your field.

The live session will take place at 7pm on Monday November 23rd but you will receive access to the replay as a registrant. For a limited time, I’m offering this for $27 + HST. All you need to do is use the coupon code MCMASTER on the checkout form.

You’ll see the regular fee is $47. The value of what we’ll cover far exceeds this $47…$27 for you if you sign up this week! It’s important to me to make training like this accessible. If you have any questions, you can email [email protected]

I hope to see you there!

I will be customizing this training to answer the top questions of the group (in addition to teaching the core fundamentals). So, I’ll be asking you what you most want to know.

~ Zayna

I know the job market is competitive. I want you to have the easiest possible time presenting yourself as the top candidate. I also want you to have a digital presence that’s working for you, helping to deliver the opportunities that are right for you.

Join me here and let’s get that started!