April 15, 2012

For Image Professionals


As you present yourself as the expert, don’t forget to take care of your own brand positioning and public image.

I’ve got some exciting new collaborations and resources launching soon.

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Personal Brand Launchpad 

Are you new to the industry? Get a strong start by launching with a brand that represents you and provides a framework for future growth. Everything from your personal brand to your services and marketing strategy can be addressed.

Social Media Launchpad & Digital Image Management

Alleviate the confusion you may feel about how to use this medium successfully to promote your image business and expand your contact base. Acquire a customized social media strategy as well as content to start you off as you become proficient with Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Business Coaching

Engage in personalized coaching sessions to accompany your other image training. Sessions are designed to propel you and to keep you on track.

Personal Shopping Training

Create a valuable shopping experience for your clients.  Learn to provide a professional and efficient shopping sessions that leave your clients satisfied with purchases and raving about your top notch customer service. Have your current service critiqued for value and efficiency OR lean to design and customize this service for your business.

Industry Advisory

Are you thinking of becoming an image professional? Have an in depth discussion about the industry complete with personalized advice on how to proceed.


Working with an experienced consultant who knows your industry may be exactly what you need to launch or makeover aspects of your image consulting business. These programs can accompany your training from accredited image institutes or colleges.