Have Star Caliber Style: Toronto Life magazine feature + Quick tips

See the paragraph on my styling services in the September 2014 issue of Toronto Life on pg. 122


The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) is approaching and the city gets very excited to welcome artists, producers and film fans. It is also a chance for non-industry people to see a slice of Hollywood culture and to participate in special events about town such as galas, charity events and VIP cocktail receptions.


As civilians or as those who accompany the talent on or near the red carpet, you likely strive to to look as though you belong without overdoing it. A lot can go into the look of subtle elegance that is called for. I always say that anyone can have star caliber style if they can wisely construct ensembles and request assistance when needed.

Quick tips for red carpet casual that are also relevant for other evening semi-formal events throughout the year:

Dark colours can be easier to work with but not necessary.They can be more flattering to the figure and easier to accessorize. You don’t need to rely on black, especially as it’s not the best dark colour for everyone. Consider dark purple, green, grey and navy as alternatives.

Dress appropriately for the time of day (this includes makeup and accessories). Important events can take place in the afternoon as well as in the evening.

Accessories can easily enhance or ruin ensembles. Accessorize with special pieces that are of the best scale, texture and colour palette for your proportion type and individual sense of style. Don’t hesitate to be bold and adventurous. If you prefer to invest in classic clothing, use your accessories to stay current or fashion forward.

Create a look that appears effortless. If an ensemble suits you beautifully and you are comfortable this is often the result. Too many accessories will hinder this.

Go through your own wardrobe before shopping. So many of my clients don’t realize they have worthy items hanging in their closets. The garments may need alterations or you may simply need to accessorize differently to refresh the looks. It can be nice to reply on an old favorite if it’s a classic. Resist wearing something that will cause you to appear outdated.

Own gorgeous timeless evening classics. This alleviates the potential stress associated with last minute invitations. Create a party/special event wardrobe module and then focus on customizing the look for the day.

Get your own glam squad. It’s not just for celebrities! Assemble your team and call them into action when needed. Have a trusted image advisor to guide you. This can be someone like me or a friend with good taste and the expertise to assist people who have personality styles and body types other than their own. Your style advisor will coordinate makeup and hair efforts as well as your clothing & accessories. Your look speaks volumes – craft it wisely!

Have fun playing dress up! While it’s ideal not to overdress (ball gown or tux when there is no black tie dress code), you can be every bit as beautiful as the film stars!


Service note: As mentioned in Toronto Life, introductory sessions specifically focusing on styling begin at $250.00.  It may be possible to have a consultation in your city if you live outside of the Greater Toronto Area. Please inquire for more details. 1.416.907.8156

*photo is of the cover page of the Toronto Life TIFF Guide in the Sep 2014 issue