Feel Free This Spring

There are many features out now to tell you how to dress for spring. Before you dive into any tips and plans, have you been taking an organic and strategic approach to your own style?

Fashion matters and it’s also a prop for the personal presence you create

The first step is to contemplate and dream. Who are you NOW? Who do you want to be NOW?

Maybe the answer is “Who I have always been” but maybe the answer is different. New stages of life naturally lead us to new modes of self-expression.

It’s not a luxury to take some time for yourself to explore how you want to express yourself. It informs people on how to react to you and on how you see yourself. This can be vital in business and everyday life.

If feeling liberated and excited about how you look sounds good and you’d like to hear more, check out the On Stage Style podcast. I’ve got 1 to 2 new episodes coming each week and I’d love to hear it if you have questions you’d like answered 🙂 ~ Z

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Featured photo by Andre hunter