Fall/Winter Trend (W): Supersized

This trend is about dramatic scale as seen above in the collars, lapels and pockets. Some of the pieces are also longer and wider which contrasts the fitted items in other trend categories.

The taller you are, the easier it is to wear large scale items. If you are under average height, it is of course okay to try this trend. I believe that clients should understand the affect of an article of clothing on appearance on the body so that choices can be made. For example, a woman who is 5’1″ who wants to appear as tall as possible would choose items of smaller scale than most of those pictured above.

Consider choosing fitted items to complete the outfit when you wear a ‘supersized’ item. E.g. the red skinny jeans are a nice partner for one of the surrounding jackets or sweaters. Play with proportion in order to discover what works best with your particular body type.