Go from Sloppy Mess to Camera-Ready in 5 Minutes or Less 

Discover The Fast, Easy Method For Looking and Feeling Confident While You Speak & Sell

Gain more confidence, compliments & tips you can use today to look great when you step in front of the camera. 
Save time, save money & avoid frustration when you customize your look and set up your on-camera style essentials. 
P.S. You can keep your sweatpants :)
*This is 100% FREE training, no credit card required.

Read through this guide in 10 minutes and you'll discover...

  • Sample on-camera wardrobe templates to make styling simple (p.6)
  • A backup plan for bad hair days so you can still look put together (p.7)
  • The 5 things you need to do with your 5 minutes of prep time & exactly how to break it down (p.8)
  • ​Why you don't need to "dress up" or wear things you don't like to look great (p.2)
  • ​Why some common colours and patterns could be distracting your audience from hearing your message (p.5)

Brought to you by Zayna Rose, Image Strategist & Consultant

Getting camera-ready can be quick, easy and fun!

  • Be Confident: Focus on speaking, selling, networking or socializing. Spend less time fussing over how to present yourself
  • ​Be Credible, Be Yourself: Be more comfortable and avoid distracting your audience from your main message and your true personality
  • ​The 7 Keys: Get camera-ready quickly by identifying your best set-up when it comes to these 7 factors that can make or break your on-camera communication
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