VIDEO Behind The Scenes: What does your hair say?

The communication aid:

A great hairstyle is an important part of your personal image and visual communication. Since it frames your face, it receives a lot of attention and notice. A hairstyle is beautiful when the cut suits your face shape and reflects aspects of your personality. The style should also say something congruent with the messages you choose to project. A sleek fashion forward above the shoulder style says something much different than a long flowing wavy style. Many of us have eclectic personality styles, lifestyle and businesses. For instance, one day can call for bold and creative executive while the next can call for relaxed west coast casual. If you have different looks you regularly employ, the trick is finding a style that is versatile enough for your needs and comfort. If you have the type of hair that tends to look the same every day, which cut do you will help you to state your personal brand?

Colour selections:

Your hair should help you to feel at your most confident. Selecting a flattering colour is of utmost importance. The colour of your locks should compliment your undertone/skin tone which means that it harmonizes with your complexion. Hair colour that is not complimentary can serve as a distraction and can keep you from appearing as healthy and attractive as possible. A hair stylist who well understands undertones and/or an experienced consultant can help you with this. (Some experiment with hair colour and even dye using bold unnatural colours such as blue and purple. Of course, people should express themselves how they wish! If powerful and effective personal communication in a non avant-garde business is a priority though, I would recommend something natural or close to natural.)

Emotional effects:

A fresh haircut usually feels great! Choosing a new style or cutting off a significant amount of hair can be very emotional. It can be liberating, adventurous or shocking. In the video above, you see a man who feels emotional because he suddenly sees himself differently. Maybe he feels a rush of gratitude and confidence. I’m speculating based on the experiences of my clients as I’ve not personally spoken to Mr, Wolf. Think of your hair as your most important accessory. Take good care of it, use it to advance your visual image and try something new this year!


Note: I filmed the video approximately a year ago as part of a special project. It can also be seen here:

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