Become an Exquisite Influencer

Any great leader has a great vision. How does one communicate this vision to one’s team and enable them in turn to communicate it to others? The answer is: Be an exquisite influencer – one who wins hearts and minds.

Standing out is more challenging than ever in this age of high competition and information flow. Do the following to be recognized as a master communicator with a valued image:

  • connect with your audience of 1 or 100 in seconds
  • understand how the tonality of your voice translates
  • modulate your tonality to send different messages based on content, intent, environment
  • build on your natural body language (posture, positioning, use of space, facial expressions) to reinforce verbal messages and to stand alone as a valid message
  • recognize different communication types (based on personality) and select the best  language, tonality, piece on content on which to focus in order to build strong rapport and have your messages effectively received
  • align your state of mind with that of your audience/team
  • read the image of others proficiently (this means observing body language + clothing + grooming + tonality + verbal content & drawing probably inferences)
  • create a versatile yet authentic wardrobe to suit the dimensions of your personality and lifestyle
  • strategically select a full look (clothing, grooming, accessories) to match the goals and requirements of the day
  • appear current in style always, fashion forward if relevant – an outdated appearance cautions others agains your ideas and practices
  • practice superior listening and interviewing skills in everyday conversations as well as in formal ones
  • tell compelling stories within your presentations, pitches, reports and meeting
  • express your vision boldly and clearly
  • teach your teams how to speak in a compelling manner about you, your vision and your projects

Charisma and the power to influence can be developed. When storytelling connects theory, fact and emotion you win hearts and minds. The efficacy of your delivery (while telling a story or giving a presentation/pitch/report) to an audience is either enhanced or weakened by your personal image and communication style. When your visual image, state of mind, intentions and content are aligned, you create a powerful and highly convincing presence. This emboldens your team to execute the vision and to build a following of their own.

Note: The above list is NOT comprehensive. This article is inspired by a statement from my personal notes from a lecture given by Ms. Brummit of Sarah Brummit Inc. London, England.