Be a Rebel: Show Up with Grit & Glamour

The latest episode of the On Stage Style podcast. It’s an interview with Katrina McKay. Katrina is a brilliant entrepreneur, speaker and CEO. She’s the founder of Uplevel Solutions and a coach to a select group of growth-obsessed entrepreneurs

Katrina understands and practices public image development and personal image management on a high level and in different countries. She’s a master at connecting great people with each other, leveraging ideas and opportunities and she’s also an expert at helping people and brands to reach higher levels of profitability

In the podcast episode we cover these topics and so much more:

  • What to think about when you’re in a growth phase
  • Improving how you’re perceived by clients, collaborator and the public in general
  • Why you should cut yourself slack when it comes to style
  • The connection between identity and style and why you need to own your style
  • Why you don’;t need to look like everyone else
  • And..what it means to be glamorous ——which has nothing to do with clothing style

This episode is full of gems – Katrina is passionate, insightful and hilarious! We’re out of studio for this one….. it’s an incredible conversation with some good laughs…Enjoy it! Links to listen on iTunes, Stitcher and Spotify are right here 🙂


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