Free Online Masterclass with Zayna Available for a Limited Time Online

It All Kicks Off on May 23rd! I’ll help you feel like a rockstar (whichever type you favour) while we work how you present yourself in-person & online. You can be perceived the way you want to be perceived – This means connecting to more of the right people and opportunities for you. Gain extra Read more about Free Online Masterclass with Zayna Available for a Limited Time Online[…]

The Met Gala – Did You Have a Favourite Look?

These two Vanity Fair link of interest serve as a good overview. One summarizes the top looks that fit the camp theme and the other showcases the transformations from the gala costumes to the after party costumes. This camp theme was incredibly entertaining and mini performances took place on the pink carpet throughout the arrivals. Read more about The Met Gala – Did You Have a Favourite Look?[…]

Do you have $100 Million Style?

You might already have it. You can certainly develop this level of star caliber style for yourself and profit from it in terms or relationships, opportunities and income. When you have fame and good brand equity however, you can attract a high-dollar deal. During Wimbledon, we learned that Roger Federer closed a huge deal with Read more about Do you have $100 Million Style?[…]

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Profit In Style

Image development intensive for entrepreneurs & purpose-driven professionals This customizable program is about accelerated personal branding, public image development and styling. We are leveraging all aspects of your communication to a point where it is helping you to profit because you attracting more ideal clients, collaborators and opportunities. This works best when you are feeling Read more about Profit In Style[…]

Image Icon Ben Platt: What makes you strange makes you powerful

Ben Platt has just won the Tony Award for Best Actor in a Musical for Dear Evan Hansen. As any theatre nerd will tell you (I’m certainly one of them), it’s a Broadway must-see. When Ben accepted his award, the last thing he said was this: “Don’t waste your time trying to be like anybody but yourself because the things that make you strange are the things that make you powerful”

Love is in the Hair

From an image perspective, hair is one of the first things people notice about us. Hair, glasses and shoes are critically important and should be current and style and suited to your body and personality. When we take care of our hair and skin as well as our clothing, we project a picture of health and self-confidence.